Don’t Stay Down!

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You may have gone through a lot of difficulties in the past. Maybe the past has been a bitter disappointment to you. In thinking of your life, it may feel that you have been a failure, or at best you have been struggling to get along. You may not have succeeded in some of the things you set out to do; you may have lost money in the businesses you ventured into; you may have lost friends and family members dear to you. You may have lost your business or your job, and even your home may have been lost to your creditors, or because of sickness or some other travails. Maybe a serious accident may have robbed you of your energies.

But in spite of any or all of these challenges and misfortunes, if you refuse to be defeated by them, you will come out victorious in the end. Because it has been proven that just because a person falls doesn’t mean he is defeated. One is only defeated if he doesn’t get back up after the fall. There are some of us who get along beautifully well when things are smooth. – While we are accumulating wealth, acquiring properties, gaining friends and recognition, our character seem to be strong and our lives well balanced. But the moment trouble comes; a business or job loss, or a crisis in which we lose everything we own, we lose courage, faith, hope, we become overwhelmed, and afraid and too powerless to even try again. We lose our lives along with the material things we lost. The real strength of person is found when we still have something left in us, even after losing everything we own; if we refuse to give up or to lose faith in God and in our ability to regain all we’ve lost.

You may be reading this and be saying to yourself, this isn’t for me, I have failed too often, there is no use of trying, or you are thinking that it is impossible for you to succeed, since you have fallen too often to even attempt to get back up and try again. But I tell you, this isn’t true, there are thousands of people in this world who have lost everything they had in the world, some have even lost parts of their bodies, yet they are so far from failure, because of their undefeatable spirit, their strong faith.

You may lose everything – all your possessions, but never lose your faith in God, your courage, your character, your self-respect, your self confidence.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Stay Down!

  1. Though you have spelled out life in this post I haven’t lost faith. I can’t lie and say at no point did I lose faith but after feeling sorry for myself I pulled up my big girl pants and left everything up to God! Am I without a home still? Yes. Did I lose my job? Yes. Did I lose everything? No, because I have God and ad long as I have Him material stuff just doesn’t matter! God bless you my friend great post!


  2. “Your courage, your character, your self-respect, your self confidence” – thank you. I think we all have to give a God a chance. A chance to work with what we still have, rather than bemoan what we have not.


  3. I enjoyed reading this post. It is so true! The words in this post are so compelling and so heartfelt. We must always keep going forward regardless of what happens. Never ever give up! We all face defeat if we give but if we continue with perseverance, we will be victorious!


  4. So true! Never stay down, never surrender to the trials and failures life brings, because we are never too far gone, hope is not lost, God is still good, and as long as we have Him, we have everything.


  5. Great! Yeah when we face failure, we can view them as the end or we can decide to TRUST GOd when He said He will works out everything for our good, and work together with Him, keep doing our part, to come to a place of our destiny


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